Friday, December 14, 2012

Stick a Fork In Me! 'Cause I'm....DONE!

This picture provides a perfect illustration of my current emotional state.  3 years ago I began this educational journey of training to become a teacher.  I actually started the program as a candidate for secondary certification, but after working as a second grade paraprofessional I fell in love with primary grades and immediately switched to the elementary education certification track.  Since this change, my love and passion for teaching and spending my day surrounded by children has blossomed into one of life’s necessities.  Now 3 LOOOONG years later, I can officially place the professional title Master of Education or M.Ed. after my name and under my list of degrees on my resume.   Thank you Jesus!

Oh, and after reaching the finish line... I received a job offer to work as a para in kindergarten!!!

Do I ever talk about how AMAZING God is? :)

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