About Patrice


Howdy! I’m Patrice and I don’t:
  • like to be called “Pat”
  • understand fascinations with model trains (round & round, really???)
  • ride on things that spin (Barf-ville will be the next stop)
  • eat at restaurants near their closing time
  • have a Keurig (but really want one. Will you donate to the “Patrice’s Keurig” fund?)

I am:
  • obsessed with smells (must have a scented candle in every room)
  • a little bit country & a little bit rock n roll
  • a single mom to a dimple faced curly haired girl
  • hardly ever on time
  • a HUGE dreamer
  • an elementary school teacher 
  • semi-natural living enthusiast
  • a work in progress
I have:
  • an amazingly supportive family
  • issues with fear
  • compassion for the least of these
  • more blessings than I realize

I need:
  • 10 positives for every 1 negative
  • my morning coffee
  • a God fearing man
  • more vacations
  • to recognize the blessing in every lesson
  • God’s hand of protection and constant direction every.single.day

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