Monday, July 20, 2015

Triumphant Return

So I've been absent from blogging for 2 years and alot has happened...

Men have become women...

Marriage has been redefined (legally)...

and America's favorite dad has been accused of rape 
(boo! where's a pudding pop when you need one?)

But that's just an account of the world's happenings.  Me?
Well I've been...


Whole 30-ing...kinda :)...

getting into Zumba....
(this is sweaty me, after a workout, can't wait to get my hands on a Cliff Bar!)

and growing & changing
 I know that the last description sounds sort of vague, but I'm not quite ready to do a "couch session" about all of the spiritual upheavals I've battled the last couple of years.  However, I will tell you that this blog post's title does not lie: I do return triumphantly to blogging, for several reasons:

1. Two years ago the above roll call of life experiences would have severely depressed me with it's absence of: marriage, having another baby, and taking a mission trip.  Though I still live without these things it has taken me 2 years to realize that:

  • I am single for God's glory (and babies come with least my next one will!)
  • and I have plenty of local opportunities daily to share the gospel
2. Overall I've come to embrace (and steady remind myself) of the fact that in due time God will give me more, for if I tire out from running with men, then how can I race with horses (Jeremiah 12:5)?

3. Furthermore, these years have served as a reminder that I worship a sovereign God. You know that part about His will? Yeah, it WILL be done! 

God is doing a good work in me that will not be complete until I am face to face with Christ Jesus.  And this work he's doing has at times been painful, resisted, chaotic, joyful and did I mention painful?  But, I've come to realize that "God cannot build our character without our cooperation.  When we submit to Him, He will work to make a finished product that is more mature and complete.  God wants a perfect work." (Warren Weirsbe). 

And so this is why I return triumphantly.  Confident in the blessings so far and prayerfully seeking spiritual contentment for my position in life right now.  Everything is not perfect, I am not perfect but I know the One who is and I desire His perfect work in my life.

Reflection: Have you stepped away from something or someone?  In that time has God strengthened you and provided a more righteous perspective?  Can you return triumphantly in your walk with Christ?  I hope so!

Disclaimer: while I am happy to return to blogging, please do not be disappointed if you do not see posts weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, get the point :)  I'm still doing teaching, mommying, and so on but I will be sure to share a blessing from the lessons I endure!

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