Saturday, January 26, 2013

Use To

Art by Pepperbunbun

I use to really resent my Ex for cheating...
leaving me to raise our daughter on my own
And then I realized 
That I have a stronger bond with her than the parent not at home
And of course, God's been with me all along
So I haven't done this alone 

I use to be so sad 
Then get so mad
That my Ex's cheating ways caused our separation...
And then God directed my mind to  a revelation:
HE delivered me from a loveless relationship.
No longer bound by lies
I'm free to walk in the way of the wise

I use to be so envious 
That my Ex had moved on
But God in His infinite wisdom
Showed me in the book of Psalm
Not to be jealous of those who do wrong

Now 4 years later...
Striving to follow my Saviour
There's still much to get use to,
But Thank God
I don't do the things I use to.

*Psalm reference can be found in Psalm 37:1


  1. Powerfully Beautiful.

    I brag on God for where he has brought you to. If I wrote something like this, I fear it would feel books and books!

    My dear Patrice, one of my favourite songs ends by saying God let us go through hard stuff so that he could bring us out. I am sorry that you had to go through all you did but then again, look at who it has made you today? You are writing stuff that is blessing me? And I am sure it is blessing others too. Ordinary women cannot live victoriously after such. Only phenomenal women can. And as far as I see it, phenomenal women, real phenomenal women are powered by a phenomenal God.

    1. Oh Salt, there is such a story to all of this. Ever had your heart broken TWICE by the SAME person??? LOL Yeah, I get a little hard headed sometimes and God in His loving kindness delivered me again, (and allowed me to endure consequences too), I licked my wounds and scurried back to my Savior. God bless you in your writings and thank you for your kind words.
      All for His glory.


    2. Tell me about it Patrice. How come we get so stubborn for the wrong things and at the wrong times? I just thank God for who he is. Were he human, we would not be here today. We, you, me and every other woman who have chosen 'man' over God would be goners! Patrice, you are blessed and highly favoured!

  2. I see your strength in this powerful poem, Patrice. Beautiful!

    Your newest follower,


    1. Hi Jill! Thank you. Christ inspired reflections of course. :)

      Love your blog and happy to follow along! I need all the help I can get in kindergarten :)