Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Day....

I’ll write a children’s book
I’ll get use to waking at the butt-crack of dawn 5:00am
I’ll take a missionary trip to a poor developing country
I’ll visit France
I’ll learn to speak another language
I’ll wear my “real” hair :)
I’ll learn to play the guitar
I’ll visit Great Britain
I’ll move out of this one bedroom apartment
I’ll make a guest appearance on the Today show
I’ll stop freaking out about being 30
I’ll study the planets and learn constellations
I’ll have another child (hopefully a son!)
I’ll put worries and fears to rest
I’ll have more patience
I’ll rise above the clouds to meet my Creator
I’ll get over past hurts
I’ll stay outta God’s way
I’ll walk down a grassy aisle, friends and family on either side, and embrace my prince waiting "to have and to hold" [ME]

1 comment:

  1. Patrice,
    This was a timely post! Thanks! God is trying to tell me something!