Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lip Service

When someone asks you to pray for them, do you really do it?  When you hear about a situation that needs prayer, how do you respond?  Lately I've received a lot of prayer requests, they're usually phrased like "Just keep us in your prayers" or "Pray for my family".  I realize that until recently I would assure the individual that I would meet their request, only to walk away and not really think about the request anymore.  It's not that I was being fake, but rather I wasn't taking the opportunity to pray in the moment.  God is good about giving us opportunities for growth. In light of my family's recent tragedy I have been urged to pray more and more.  In fact, during an interview yesterday I spoke with a fellow interview candidate and as I listened to her tell me about her family's economic struggles and her own disability I found myself praying in my heart "Lord, please bless her with this job.  She really needs it".  I'm sitting here praying for my competition without a second thought!  Later, while driving home from the interview I heard a prayer request on the radio for a family whose baby is undergoing surgery and as I drove I instantly began praying in my heart and mind for the entire surgery to be a success and for his family to remain hopeful during this time.  I've realized that I do not want my agreement to pray for someone to simply result in lip service, just saying "Yes, I will pray", and then forgotten when I pray at night.  Instead I will pray in the moment.

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