Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Reading Anyone?

This post is long overdue, but thankfully summer isn't over yet, in fact it has officially just begun!
This is the perfect time for getting in reading that we're all usually too busy to do during the other seasons. So, if you're wondering what to stick your nose in I'm happy to present FOUR great choices from newly crowned Author and personal friend of mine, Oleeta J. Radley!
About this book: My relationship is centered on God's plae in our lives and the type of relationship He desires and His rightful place in everyone's life; regardless if you're single, dating, or married.  If anyone doesn't have a personal relationship with The Lord, this book explains and walks you through how to obtain one.
*This one is first on my list to read!
About this book: Here Ms. Radley writes concerning issues within the body of Christ.  Complaining, judging, carnal presence, etc.  It also outlines solutions to those issues and emphasizes how these issues are external and tangible yet the solutions point to internal changes that are needed.  Change must occur from within and the evidene will show externally.
*Dang, maybe this one should be first on my list! :)
About this book:  This book lives up to it's title as it analyzes the definition as well as the condition of being insecure.  While insecurity can cause much hindrance to growth, Ms. Radley's writings illustrate that we can overcome anything we have been struggling with our been bound by.
About this book:  Now if you're like me in considering everything in life has some big meaning then The Little Boy: Dreams and Visions, is the reading for you!  The Little Boy provides insight and detail to a way that God communicates to us. It demonstrates how God is present in every situation of life. God always talks to us. Sometimes we get distracted and are not able to hear Him clearly or effectively carry out all that He is intending. Dreams and Visions are one way that the Lord speaks to us. This is a way that we have no other choice but to give our full attention to the Lord and allow the Lord to show us, take us places, and make us feel certain things. (

So, there you have four wonderful reads to choose from for the summer...what the heck read a book each season and get through them all!  These books are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ebay, there are also electronic versions available.  Hope you all get to take a peek and perhaps leave some feedback!
Happy Summer Reading!

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